A final note.

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Hi All,

This is a final note before we see you on monday.

Firstly can I just confirm that all participants are expected to bring instruments for the duration of the course, (I had a student today who had assumed we would supply drum kits).

If you are a singer with a PA system/Mic please let us know and bring it with you. We have two systems (one for each singer) but would very much like to have one in each room so singers can move around and work with various groups.

We would also be grateful to know of anyone who is first aid qualified. Tony our Guitar teacher is, but it is helpful to know of any others who are able to help in this role.

Finally, please do email again if you have any unanswered questions and we will reply tomorrow. We did have a few website teething issues at the beggining so although we have tried to answer all enquiries it is possible one or two may have been missed.

See you all for coffee bright and early monday

Marc and Tony.